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Quran Tafseer

Quran Tafseer means explanation or interpretation of Holy Quran. One of the best way to explain any ayat or verse of Quran is to translate and then Hadith is used for strengthening for explanation or tafseer. The Holy Quran is the last Book from Almighty Allah. It consists of guidance, mercy and healing. It tells us how to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. We should take guidance from Quran in every phase of our life in order to seek salvation.

Quranclick has added Quran with tafseer in urdu by Dr Israr Ahmed to facilitate the Muslim and to enlighten their heart and soul with the blessed knowledge of Quran. One can recite Quran with translation and Interpretation and download free audios form our website. Listen online or download mp3 audios of Quran tafseer in urdu so that you can understand the true meaning and explanation of Holy Quran. We have added Quran Recitation, Translation, Tafseer, Islamic Videos, Quran Quotes and Islamic Blog. We are updating our database on daily basis. So keep visiting.