About QuranClick .com

Quranclick is an online website designed to listen Holy Quran online and download free Quran audios MP3s. The main aim of this site is to provide Qura'an to all. A site provides you to listen and download Quran recitation by world top Quran Reciters.

Files on QuranClick.com comes from different sources. Many of them has been downloaded from various other high quality websites on the internet. We have also added Quran with its translation, Tafseer, Islamic videos, Islamic lectures, Quran Sayings, Quranic Quotes and Masnoon Duain etc.

Quran e Kareem is the last and Final Message of Almighty Allah to all mankind. It contains 114 Chapters or Surahs that were revealed to Last Prophet Muhammad Mustufa (Peace be upon him) by revelation through the Angel Jibrail over a period of 23 Years. The Quran is the only revealed text still extant today in its original language and form.

In daily routine every Muslim should make the recitation of the Holy Quran. The Quran is written in highly symbolic and classical form of the Arabic language, so translating it requires a profound understanding of its meanings. The Majority of Muslims across the world depends on a translation to understand the Quran.