Dr Israr Ahmed was great Pakistani Philosopher, Mufassir of Quran and Islamic Scholar. He was true patriot. Dr Israr Ahmed was the founder of many organizations like Anjuman-e-Khuddam-ul-Quran and Tanzeem-e-Islami.

Dr Israr Ahmed Audios Quran Tilawat / Recitations

About Dr Israr Ahmed

Dr Israr Ahmed was born on April 26, 1932 in Hisar, East Punjab India. Dr Israr Ahmed graduated from King Edward Medical College in 1954. He has done his Masters in Islamic studies from the university of Karachi in 1965.

Dr Israr Ahmed was much inspired from Allama Iqbal poetry. He read whole Bang-e-Dara at the age of 10 years. Dr Israr Ahmed has written more than 100 books. Many of which have been translated in to other languages. Some of his famous books are Islam ka Muashi nizam, Dawat ilaha Allah, Rah e Nijaat, Tauheed e Amali, Islam mein Aurat ka muqam and many others. His video lectures and audios have been translated into many languages of the world. He used media to convey the message of Allah. His program aired on many TV channels like Peace TV and Q TV.

Dr Israr Ahmed has four sons and five daughters. Dr Israr Ahmed was died on April 14, 2010 at the age of 78.  Thousands of his fans attended his funeral prayer. He was buried in Lahore. May Allah blessed him highest rank in Jannah. Ameen.