Sheikh Yasser al Dosari is one of the most famous Quran Reciter and Virtuous Imam. Sheikh Yasser is Imam of Dakhil Mosque Riyadh. Below is the complete list of all Quran Audios recited by Sheikh Yasser al Dosari.

Sheikh Yasser Al-Dosari Audios Quran Tilawat / Recitations

About Sheikh Yasser Al-Dosari

Sheikh Yasser al Dosari full name is Yasser Ibn Rashed Ibn Houseine Al Ouadaani Al Dossari. You can listen online or download mp3 free Quran audios in the beautiful voice of Sheikh Yasser al Dosari.

Birth and Education

Sheikh Yasser al Dosari was born in 1981 in Kharj province South East of Riyadh. Yasser al Dosari complete memorizing of Quran at the age of 15. He has done his Bachelor of Sharia, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University. He has done his Master in Holy Quran and its Sciences. He has also done Master of Juristic principles of Competition and Jeala, High institute of Judicature, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University.

His Career

Sheikh Yasser al Dossari took the role of Imam in a number of mosques, where he leads a huge number of prayers. He is General Secretary of Prince Sultan University for teaching Quran to the Saudi Defense forces. He is a member of King Suad University. He is member of Saudi Juristic and Scientific Association. He is member of Saudi Association for Da'wa Studies. He is member of European Committee of International Islamic Youth Seminar. He is member of Charitable organization in kharj Quraa whom Read on them. Sheikh Yasser is Imam and Orator in Dakhil Mosque in Riyadh.


Sheikh Yasser al Dosari has given interviews with some local newspapers like

  • Al-riyadh
  • Al-watan
  • Al-yaum
  • Shams
  • Alhayat
  • Asharq alawsat
  • Okaz and others.

He was invited to lead the prayers in other countries, such as UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Switzerland and others. He has also given a number of lectures and speeches, in multiple Conferences, TV-Radio Channels.

Sheikh Yasser al Dossari has released audio tapes which included Quran Taraweeh, 51 Quranic version, plus 6 varied ones. Sheikh Yasser al Dossari was nominated as one of the most influential figures in the community. Sheikh Yasser al Dosari is blessed with a voice that was made to be for Quran recitation and Imamat. He is married and father of three children.