Sheikh Fares Abbad is Yemani Qari or Quran reciter and religious noble man. His complete name is Fares Abd Rabbuh Muhammad Abbad فارس عبد ربه محمد عباد. Below is the list of complete Quran audios recitation in the voice of Fares Abbad.

Sheikh Fares Abbad Audios Quran Tilawat / Recitations

About Sheikh Fares Abbad

His Birth and Education

Sheikh Fares Abbad was born in Sanaa, Yemen Capital on April 12th 1980. He is the second child of his parent. He is married having 4 children 3 boys and a girl. His interest and leaning towards the Holy Quran started since he was a little boy. He learnt Quran in many school of Sanaa's city. He graduaed from Bilal Ibn Rabah mosque.

His Career

 Sheikh Fares Abbad started as an Imam of Tarawieh prayers in Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosques on 1994, and remained so for 7 seven years.

His fame started spreading around whole Muslim countries. Whole Quran recited in his voice in 2003 which was financed by Qadaissia Records company.

From 2006 he moved to Dhahran city Saudi Arabia where he led muslim prayers in Ali Ibn Taleb Mosque for two years. Then Sheikh Fares Abbad moved to Ajman United Arab Emirates UAE. Sheikh Fares Abbad became Imam of Abd Arrazaq Affifi Mosque in Ryad in Saudi Arabia during a period of ten years.

Currently Sheikh Fares Abbad is working as Quran reciter in Almajd TV. His first TV interview was broadcasted in 2011 through a program called "the Quran" by Sharjah UAE Channel. Numerous websites and TV channels spread chants and productions of his recitation.

Sheikh Fares Abbad is one of the famous Quran Readers. Allah ji has gifted him a very beautiful and exceptional voice.

Listen or play online complete Quran tilawat / recitation in the beautiful voice of Sheikh Fares Abbad. We have uploaded all Surahs tilawat full in the voice of Sheikh Fares Abbad. You can download free all Quran recitation in the voice of Sheikh Fares Abbad very easily in best audio quality. JazakAllah