Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary, a well renowned and great reciter of Holy Quran. He was born in 17 September 1917 in a village Shobra Al Namla in Tanta, Egypt. His father enrolled him in the Quranic School at the age of 4.

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About Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary

By the age of 8 he had completed the Hifz of the Whole Quran. At the age of 12 he enrolled in Al Azhar. On 16 Feb 1944 he made his debut on the radio with Quran recitation and on August 1948 he was selected as Muezzin of Sidi Hamza Mosque. Later on he went back to Ahmadi Mosque located in the Imam Hussein Mosque in the Egypt capital Cairo, in 1955. He was selected as the inspector for the Egyptian reciters. Sheikh Al Hussary is known for the correctness of his Tajweed and adherence to the Sunnah, his distinctive deep voice and his long breath.

Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary became with great merit, the first religious person who recorded the Holy Quran. He was one of the four top ranking reciters in Egypt. He recorded the Holy Quran in both styles of recitation, murattal and mujawwad. He visited many Islamic countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Sheikh Mahmoud son also recites professionaly. A serial "Imam Al Muqrine" starring Hassan Youssef was dedicated to Sheikh Al Hussary life and performance.

He died on 14 November 1980 (16th of Muharram 1401 H) at the age of 63. May Allah be merciful to him and make him of the inhabitants of Paradise. Ameen

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